1. All applicants must serve the Austin area.
  2. Projects requesting support must meet the funding priorities of the Foundation.


  1. While the Foundation on occasion has made both very large and quite small grants, our average one-year grant is $20,000.
  2. The Foundation may consider multi-year requests. However the continuation of funding is dependent on appropriate progress and evaluation findings during the previous year.
  3. The Board will review only one request (regardless of whether it is approved or declined) from an organization within a twelve-month period.
  4. The Foundation does not support requests from individuals for scholarships or any other form of support.
  5. Both letters of inquiry and full grant applications must be submitted electronically and receipt will be acknowledged by email within two weeks.
  6. While Tapestry will consider funding the total cost of a project, it prefers to partner with other funders.
  7. Likewise, Tapestry encourages collaborative work among providers.
  8. Applicants must meet IRS tax-exempt guidelines or be sponsored by an appropriate tax-exempt organization.